Professional Documents Translation


IAL Services can ensure that your documents are ready and able to communicate and compete in foreign markets as effectively as they do in your hometown. As a leader in localization, translation and technical writing services, we have assisted many companies such as Xerox, Deloitte & Touche and Dalton & Associates to reach their newly targeted markets by helping them identify emerging global opportunities and removing linguistic and cultural challenges.

Services began by interacting with a group of skilled professional linguists who specialize in all facets of corporate operations including marketing, organizational strategies, quality (ISO) standards and employee development. We now boast a resource base of over 4,000 language specialists that are certified in their field. Our growth and attraction to Fortune 500 companies is a direct result of providing a streamlined process that proves efficient in both cost and production time for our clients.

We are committed to serving the unique language needs of our customers by delivering quality and value for every dollar spent on language services.

Project Management
Our objective is your complete satisfaction. Before the project even begins, we carefully listen to your needs, assess your goals and identify your end user or target audience. Throughout each of our seven quality assurance phases we keep you as involved as you want to be. Once we deliver our final product to you, your feedback becomes an integral part of this cycle in order to enhance our performance on future projects.

We know that IAL's success depends on our customers' satisfaction with the quality of our products and services, therefore strict standards are applied starting with your initial call. Based on your goals, our project managers tailor a cost-effective model suitable for your needs, and carefully select the best professional linguist team to produce your words in any language. IAL recognizes that every customer is unique, therefore every project is also unique in its implementation.

For this reason, we provide effective project management to deliver high quality services. If your need is a national or international project, our team closely follows IAL's proven operating procedures, and conducts rigorous reviews to ensure that each product is accurate, complete, on time, and within budget.

Even with the evolution of borderless communication and a global economy, many companies still assume that what works well in their home market will work well in international markets.  If it were only this easy.  In each country there are a variety of potential obstacles, from cultural barriers to infrastructure incompatibility, which can hinder a customer's perception of your message and ultimately their decision to respond favorably to it.  Failure to properly identify and address these obstacles can place your entire global effort in jeopardy.