Interpretation Services


IAL Services helps companies bridge the language gap by providing certified interpreters in over 150 languages who specialize in the field of medical, legal, financial and corporate environments. Our recruiting process ensures that you receive qualified, professional interpreters who understand your business. Our quality assurance process guarantees consistent and competent service through the entire project assignment. Many of our interpreters maintain state or federal certification and belong to renowned organizations such as ATA, NAJIT and AIIC.

Services we provide:

Consecutive Interpretation

This requires the speaker to pause between ideas and sentences to allow the interpreter to render the interpretation. Consecutive interpretation works best in a small environment where interaction is anticipated such as medical settings, legal depositions, courtroom proceedings, worker’s compensation hearings, multi-lingual business meetings and site visits.

Simultaneous Interpretation

This normally requires interpretation equipment and allows the audience to hear the presentation in their own native language. Simultaneous interpretation works best in environments with large audiences where direct, interpersonal communication is limited such as conferences, summits or bilateral meetings.

Scheduled Tele-Interpretation and Web Casts

This is perhaps the most cost-effective and flexible solution for consecutive meetings where participants are not necessarily in the same location. This option works best for organizations which are budget driven but require quality communication in real time. If you are in the market for interpretation services, please call our 24-hour toll free number for more information.

What differentiates IAL from the rest of the market?

Real Time Billing:

billing cycles run in real-time. You will never receive an invoice for services provided months earlier. We understand the importance of budget management and assume the responsibility of helping our clients manage theirs by avoiding unexpected surprises.

No Hidden Fees:

Since many of our clients are in the medical and legal profession, we understand that time constraints, many times, are out of your control. IAL will not bill their clients “overtime” fees for services that exceed the original order duration. Our goal is to be upfront and crystal clear about our pricing schedule which gives you the confidence and freedom to order based on your specific needs, without sacrificing your budgetary principles.

Real Quality Assurance Processes:

believes that Quality Assurance should extend throughout the life of a contract, not simply during the recruiting process for our interpreters. We believe that our interpreters should be professional, prepared and reliable at all times and reinforce that by conducting unscheduled, on-site evaluations regularly.

Single Point of Contact:

We believe that what you were sold is what should be delivered. As a result, our sales professionals are also responsible for the day to day oversight of each account they secure. By streamlining this operational segment we ensure consistency and responsibility for the total contractual life-cycle. In short, we deliver what we promise – no exceptions.


IAL is a privately owned company that does not support other business units or concepts unrelated to the language industry. Subsequently, as your business partner, we can afford to be more competitive in our pricing strategy while consistently maintaining high quality in our deliverables and offering you the best solution to your language needs.

No Outsourcing:

IAL does not endorse the concept of overseas outsourcing without full disclosure to our client. In today’s environment, many of our clients are sensitive about the idea of outsourcing their translation and telephonic interpretation work to centers in Asia and South America. We believe that the best quality resides here in the US, where we can constantly monitor, test, train and oversee all facets of our performance standards. We believe that language services should only be conducted by trained professionals not underpaid amateurs.

In 2000, the U.S. Census Bureau estimated that there were over 45 million people living in the United States who are considered LEP (limited English proficiency) residents.  It is anticipated that this number will continue to increase dramatically over the next 10 years.  Such statistics undermine the strain put on all sectors of the medical, service and legal industries.